Adorned Adorned Adorned Adorned Adorned Adorned Adorned
Seasonal Edition


Alpine Crystal

Juniper Sprig Icy Tonic Lemon Fizz

Cinnamon Musk

Ceylon Cinnamon Creamy Almond Amber

Pomander Woods

Honeybell Orange Toasted Cloves Dark Mahogany

Dessert First

Gingersnap Black Cardamom Milky Tea

Forest Veil

Chalet Cedar Antique Sandalwood Emerald Vetiver

Boudoir Rouge

Vintage Lipstick Amarena Cherry Glace Violet

55 Hour Burn Time
Coconut & Soy Wax Blend
3.25" Tall 8 Ounces



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  • 50-hour
    burn time
  • Toxin
  • Coconut
    & soy wax
  • Cotton
  • Vegan
  • Hand poured
    in the USA

Shimmer and Glimmer

Revel with Adorned: a collection inspired by the downtown discothèque, where the silhouettes shimmer with soul, diamonds duet to disco, and glitzy golds galavant with glee. Where sugared rubies swirl with juniper and pine; where violet flirts with cinnamon cream, and cedar dons its emeralds.

A place of kaleidoscopic dreams, Adorned is a celebration of a winter wonderland in the grooviest of ways.

Abigail's Spark of Inspiration

“Wintertime brings a sense of magic and wonder to everything: shimmering tinsel, holiday gatherings, gifts, ribbon, ornaments. It’s a time of coziness, togetherness, and cheer. So how better than to celebrate with the fete of all fetes?.”

Abigail Cook Stone

Co-founder & CEO

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Light up the holidays with a personalized box of three or six candles elegantly packaged with a custom note. Give the gift they’ll never forget—or treat yourself (you deserve it too).

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Scott Noble
Amazing Candles and even more spectacular packaging

Love these candles so much. The have incredibly unique scents and actually smell when they burn (unlike some other cheaper ones). The packaging they come in is gorgeous and makes for a perfect gift all on its own.

Sharon Schock

I got pomander, alpine crystal, and forest veil. Pomander woods is the best pomander scented candle I’ve come across, I much prefer it to a fancy French brands version. Forest veil is good, doesn’t have too much of a throw, which I prefer sometimes, just a subtle woodsy scent that I could burn for hours. My favorite of the three was alpine crystal, which I only chose because the jar was so beautiful and I didn’t think I’d love it. It’s a fresh scent but still christmasy, I’m back to buy another it’s so good. Other scents I love are fallen fir, canopy, dappled wood, and daybed

Katey Langer
Spectacular Scents

This collection (ADORNED) is absolutely unbelievable. Each scent is beyond beautiful; sensual & truly intoxicating. I bought the 6 pack to give as individual gifts. My favorites are BOUDOIR ROSE, DESSERT FIRST & POMANDER WOODS. They are all festive & perfect Xmas gifts or to keep for
one’s own. Box is jeweled & very striking. Thank u again for making gift giving such a breeze.
Katey Langer

Jessica Mosley
Absolutely beautiful

I purchased a three pack and they were sent in a gorgeous box. The scents I chose were boudoir rouge alpine crystal and fallen fir. I have purchased otherland candles before and they were good but this time WOW! I am drawn to christmasy scents anyway but alpine crystal and fallen fir are magic. Fallen fir is more of an authentic woody scent but not manly. Alpine crystal smells exactly like the name a little bougie not too sweet just perfect. Then my favorite of all the boudoir rouge. Omg the scent to me is heavenly. You would think the cherry would make it sickly sweet but that’s not the case. This candle is very sophisticated and all the scents mix so well. To me the name of this one describes it perfectly. Love them all!!

Rose Saifullah
So warm and delicious!

Had a feeling I’d like this candle and as soon as I smelled it, it was my favorite of the three candles I ordered. Has a warm, citrusy scent and when lit, it smells like warm baked citrusy deserts. Will definitely reorder!