Homestead Collection Homestead Collection Homestead Collection Homestead Collection Homestead Collection Homestead Collection Homestead Collection
Seasonal Edition

Homestead Collection

Sriracha Rose

Hot Chili Flake Bulgarian Rose Pomegranate

Berkshires Granola

Creamy Oat Milk Toasted Granola Pumpkin Seed

Tomato Terrazzo

Heirloom Tomato Celery Salt Leafy Vines

Velvet Persimmon

Juicy Persimmon Velvety Leaves Mulled Cider


Palo Santo Redwood Bark Smoked Vanilla

Spice it Up

Hickory Wood Pink Peppercorn Brown Sugar

55 Hour Burn Time
Coconut & Soy Wax Blend
3.25" Tall 8 Ounces



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  • 50-hour
    burn time
  • Toxin
  • Coconut
    & soy wax
  • Cotton
  • Vegan
  • Hand poured
    in the USA


Inspired by a weekend at the Homestead—mystical moments of quiet calm and verdant views; dancing moons and supple shrooms.

Abigail's Spark of Inspiration

“From the domestic doldrums of a year at home came a whiff of unexpected magic: a mystical tablescape, a swirl of foaming milk, a dancing shimmering moon. This collection is inspired by time at home, and all its uncovered wonders.”

Abigail Cook Stone

Co-founder & CEO

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Becca F

I have no idea what happens behind the scenes at Otherland but the people who developed the smells absolutely NAILED it this time around. I have Sriracha Rose, Velvet Persimmon and Spice It Up! All of them are incredible but Velvet Persimmon is an absolute standout! It filled my entire apartment in 10 mins with the most beautiful cidery scent - so so perfect for fall. Sriracha Rose is hands down one of the most unique scents ever - I have never had a candle that captured the scent of chili flakes but this nails it in the most incredible way. I'm going to stock up!