Candles - Chandelier Candles - Chandelier Candles - Chandelier
champagne / saffron / leather
55 Hour Burn Time Coconut & Soy Wax Blend
3.25" Tall 8 Ounces

Build A 3 Pack & Save
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Signature Wax Blend

Hand-poured, soy/coconut wax blend

Made in the USA

Premium glassware, wick, and wax
sourced from leading American factories

Developed with Master Perfumers

Each scent is crafted to bring its own transformative energy

A spark of inspiration

When did candlelight become an evening thing? Early morning happens to be one of our favorite times to light a candle while we prep for the day (or recover from the night).

Candles - Chandelier Candles - Chandelier
Clean so you can get lit responsibly. Clean so you can get lit responsibly.

Clean so you can get lit responsibly.

We want your home to be a toxin-free zone, which is why we’re conscious of our ingredients. Every hand-poured candle never has parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and is always cruelty free

  • No Parabens
    No Parabens
  • No Phthalates
    No Phthalates
  • No Sulfates
    No Sulfates
  • no synthetic dyes
    No Synthetic Dyes
  • Cruelty free
    Cruelty Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
New Homes Signature Scent

I came here looking to grab a Rattan candle after seeing a rave review of the scent and price on TikTok. I went with a 3-candle bundle with Rattan, Chandelier, and Day Bed (chosen based off the scent quiz). Was instantly drawn to Chandelier on first sniff! I burned through it in a matter of a couple weeks and then went on to Rattan (still in use). The smells like classic elegance, or 'old money fancy' (as I put it to my friend). While Rattan lived up to the hype in my next bundle I'm doing 3 Chandeliers and 3 different new scents.

Jay Grant
my favorite one

I tried the mini set bundle and was surprised this was my favorite. It smells like leather with something extra. Clean yet warm. Earthy yet bright.

My Go To Scent - Day or Night

Chandelier is subtle, soft and quiet - the perfect backdrop scent whether you are home alone reading a book, or entertaining family and friends. It's always my first choice to light, or to share with others.

Jonanthony Pradia

Love it

Lindsay Zygmunt

While I have not yet burned my Chandelier candler yet - the scent is lovely and the vessel looks beautiful sitting on my shelf! I also loved the packaging and the whole unboxing experience, and was delighted to find matches included with my purchase! I will definitely be adding more Otherland candles to my collection!!