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Denise Doyle
Love the scents

Long lasting and beautiful. These make my home alive with fragrance!

Michael Newbold


Excellent Customer Experience

I bought the Otherland Rattan Candle in Eco-Friendly Package. I can't comment on the candle itself because it's a gift -- so I haven't actually used the candle myself. However, I *can* say that the overall brand packaging is quite aesthetic. And in particular, the customer service has been exemplary.

Originally my candle was shipped and the matchbox was attached to the top of the shipping box. When I tried to remove the matchbox, it tore a bit of the matchbox packaging. Ordinarily I wouldn't care too much. However, as I was gifting the candle, I also wanted a matchbox in good condition. I emailed Otherland, asking if I could pay to have another matchbox shipped to me. They responded within a day and sent me not one, but four matchboxes at no charge. The prompt timing of the responses as well as the fact that they went above-and-beyond to meet my needs, even in a small matter like this, just left me with such a positive impression that I just wanted to share it. So, thank you Otherland! I really appreciated it! ❣️

Barbara Font
Canopy & Mountain Lace

Such a beautiful scents❣️
Bought both for my daughter’s 40th birthday 🥳 (she requested them) who I’m confident will be enjoying them immensely. She loves clean fresh quality scents so I’m sure she won’t be disappointed. When I smelled them upon arrival I thought they were lovely.
Highly recommend! 😊

Emily Feliciano
Always delighted

Otherland continuously delivers beautiful products with innovative, packaging, stunning design, and most importantly, beautifully scented candles with the balance of fragrances unmatched by anything I’ve ever had before. I repurpose all of the jars and most of the other packaging. Wonderful job keep it up.