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Seasonal Edition
Gilded Collection
Fallen Fir

balsam fir musk winter spice

Black Velvet

alpine violet iris woods night-blooming jasmine

Old Fashioned

plum brandy worn leather dried fruit

Silk Pajamas

crystal ginger bergamot zest spiced yuzu

Sacred Dusk

palo santo crimson incense cypress bark


white mahogany sweet myrrh smoked birch

55 Hour Burn Time
Coconut & Soy Wax Blend
3.25" Tall 8 Ounces
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  • 50-hour
    burn time
  • Toxin
  • Coconut
    & soy wax
  • Cotton
  • Vegan
  • Hand poured
    in the USA

Black Tie Bacchanal

Where pomp meets romp, glitz meets grit, and glam flows like champagne. These six wicks will bring late-night gala vibes to any get-together.

Abigail's Spark of Inspiration

“I drew from my childhood memories of a shimmering holiday party. Playing hide-and-seek, the twinkling Christmas tree seemed larger than life as jingle bells rang, caroling booklets passed 'round, and the big band played late into the night. The nostalgia and traditions of this season bring such great comfort and joy!”

Abigail Cook Stone

Co-founder & CEO

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The Perfect Gift

Light up the holidays with a personalized box of three or six candles elegantly packaged with a custom note. Give the gift they’ll never forget—or treat yourself (you deserve it too).

Customer Reviews

Based on 209 reviews
Susan Wadsworth

Gilded Collection

Muhammad Sherriff

I need order more ASAP

Darrell Forbes
Amazing candles

I love all of these candles. Sacred Dusk and Black Velvet are the standouts. Thanks Otherland!

Siri Crane
Fallen Fir Forever

Just before Christmas I needed a pick-me-up and treated myself to three candles from Gilded Collection-- Fallen Fir, Moonstruck, and Sacred Dusk. Though Moonstruck and Sacred Dusk are both extremely lovely, the scents are somewhat more subtle and less saturated than I've come to expect from Otherland-- even so, I very much enjoyed them both. However... Fallen Fir may actually be my one true love. The scent is complex, lush, and layered and somehow evokes both the swirling smoke of incense that one might find in the inner sanctum of a mystery cult dedicated to the worship of winter spirits, the quiet heaviness of a pine forest under deep snow, and the cozy sweetness of a fire-lit cabin. In short-- it is the perfect scent. I want to live in it. I want to wear it as a perfume, I want it with me everywhere I go and leave the scent of it behind me when I leave a room to attract lovers and banish bad spirits... It. Is. Everything. Never discontinue this fragrance-- it is a must-have.

Richard Perez
Wonderful Gift

Excellent items, the scents, packaging, overall look of the product. Definitely will return for more!