Have you ever noticed that candles make everything better?

We totally agree.

Yet we kept finding ourselves settling for candles that all looked the same and were too expensive to light every day.

So we spent a year testing hundreds of fragrances, mixing waxes, experimenting with wicks, and accidently starting a few small fires in our kitchen to create the kind of candles we’d been searching for.


Otherland transforms your home into an immersive world that never stands still.

Our Core Collection grounds your home in the essential five scents, while our Limited Editions always keep things fresh. By selling directly to you, we're able to ditch the industry-standard markup — for $36, you can light things up without thinking twice.

This is Abigail

She has a moderately healthy obsession with candles.

Abigail Cook Stone started out as an art buyer for Ralph Lauren, and after traveling the world in search of treasures to adorn the brand’s stores and restaurants, she decided it was time to launch her own new venture. Abigail earned her MBA and hatched the idea for Otherland, which brings the energy of art, design, and fragrance to every moment at home.


Meticulously crafted, from wax to wick


By developing our fragrances through countless iterations with master perfumers, we were able to get every note - from rugged to rosey - just right.

Wax Blend

For the wax, we tested every option, and landed on a custom soy and coconut blend that makes the ideal smooth-burning base.


We chose a finely woven cotton wick and a made-in-the-USA glass tumbler, which we designed to be reusable (think cocktails, makeup brushes, your scrunchie collection).