Garden Party Collection

Verdant Verve: oak moss, neroli blossom, fresh thyme

Georgette: southern magnolia, lily of the valley, white amber

Out of the Blue: blue hydrangea, sheer hyacinth, water lily

Clean Blossom: crisp linen, mimosa flower, creamy gardenia

Ultraviolet: wild lavender, jasmine tea, purple violet

Canary: golden daffodil, narcissus blooms, cool cantaloupe

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Verdant Verve: oak moss, neroli blossom, fresh thyme
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Georgette: southern magnolia, lily of the valley, white amber
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Out of the Blue: blue hydrangea, sheer hyacinth, water lily
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Clean Blossom: crisp linen, mimosa flower, creamy gardenia
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Ultraviolet: wild lavender, jasmine tea, purple violet
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Canary: golden daffodil, narcissus blooms, cool cantaloupe
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