Candles - Kindling Candles - Kindling Candles - Kindling
Wood / Clove / Smoke
55 Hour Burn Time Coconut & Soy Wax Blend
3.25" Tall 8 Ounces


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Signature Wax Blend

Hand-poured, soy/coconut wax blend

Made in the USA

Premium glassware, wick, and wax
sourced from leading American factories

Developed with Master Perfumers

Each scent is crafted to bring its own transformative energy

A spark of inspiration

To bring a sense of depth to your space, try stacking candles on a pile of books or shelves at varied heights.

Candles - Kindling Candles - Kindling

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Final Conclusion: Yes, I would recommend to a friend, No, I wouldn
Three reviews for the Daybed / Chandelier / Kindling!

KINDLING - A more masculine smell for sure. The tobacco and smoke scents are heavy on this one and make it more of a winter / cozy morning smell to my nose. I would not order this scent again for a girl.
CHANDELIER - Great light scent that smells wonderful, more neutral/ feminine scent. It is a lighter fragrance than Daybed. This is a great casual burn in the living room or bathroom or prior to a party because it is subtle.
DAYBED- This is the strongest scent of the 3 pack and smells like summer and flowers. I would also say the most feminine of the scents. Love this one too but it might be too strong to put in a bathroom / small space. I'd use this before a party or during a party in big living spaces! Love all the smells for different reasons. The candles burn clean and I do not detect any "plastic" scent in mine? Perfect for gifts!

Final Conclusion: Yes, I would recommend to a friend
Great candle!

These candles are great! I typically cannot burn candles for long since my allergies react to the strong scents. However, Cardamon Milk, Rattan, and Kindling are strong enough to make the room smell great while not making me sneeze or my eyes water. I also love how Otherland collaborates with artists to design the jars. Very cool brand.

Final Conclusion: Yes, I would recommend to a friend